How to Deposit FIAT on BITLIPA

Bitlipa gives you two main ways to deposit funds into your account. First is through FIAT and the second is through Cryptocurrencies supported on the platform.

  • Log in to your BITLIPA account
  • On the homepage Click on TOP-UP icon.
  • click on PERSONAL wallet icon.
  • Enter amount.
  • Choose your preferred method of payment on the drop down menu.
  • Prompt will be sent to your registered number. enter pin

Complete. Money will reflect in your account in a few minutes.

How to Deposit Cryptocurrency on BITLIPA
  • Log in to your BITLIPA Account
  • On the homepage, click on TOP-UP
  • Click on BITCOIN wallet icon
  • You get two options. Bitcoin amount or FIAT amount worth of bitcoin. When you enter either amount, the system will automatically give you either worth the value of your input. Click next
  • Copy/scan wallet address and you should receive the crypto in your BITLIPA wallet address.
Receive crypto
  • On the homepage click on receive
  • You will get the available options i.e BITLIPA users can send to your registered number.
  • copy wallet address, scan wallet address
  • Complete transaction and the crypto should reflect in your wallet
Send crypto/fiat
  • On homepage click on send
  • Chose your preferred currency (crypto/FIAT)
  • Enter mobile number, scan wallet address, or copy wallet address
  • Click send
Withdraw crypto/FIAT
  • On homepage click on withdraw
  • Chose your preferred option between crypto or FIAT.
  • Enter amount. NB. In the case of crypto the system will automatically convert it to FIAT
  • Choose your preferred payment method on the drop-down menu. Click withdraw

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