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Open Up Your World.
Be Truly Borderless .

Bitlipa enables you to conveniently harness the power of the blockchain technology to transact, invest, preserve value, trade, explore Decentralized Finance and control your assets.

You Only Need One Application: Pay, Send, Withdraw and Exchange

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Why Use Bitlipa V2.0 To Transact?


Top up on BitLipa via Mobile Money, USDT or Bitcoin.


Make withdrawals to your Mobile Money and external Bitcoin and USDTwallet addresses.


Send and receive cash to and from other BitLipa users and cryptocurrency to both BitLipa wallets and external wallet addresses.


Exchange your digital asset for another, cryptocurrency to cash and cash to cryptocurrency.

Who do we empower?

Our commitment is to provide an infrastructure gives you the tools you need to achieve financial freedom.

Cross-border Remitters

Enjoy swift and convenient cross border remittances and payments by using borderless digital currencies as a conduit to send money across nation states.

Traders and DeFi Players

BitLipa helps you on ramp and off ramp into trading platforms, exchanges and DeFi protocols by helping you exchange cash for crypto and crypto for cash.


Gig economy workers including designers, developers, content creators, academic writers, transcriptionists and captioners can say goodbye to the days of having their accounts frozen by using our Application to process payments.


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